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How to Select a Nursing Home

Becoming an administrator

Truly, it was never my intention to become a nursing home administrator. My undergraduate degrees were in computer science and economics. My plan was to get a job in the financial sector and be a 9-5 guy. I even delayed that path by continuing on to grad school.

But I got ahead of myself. So here's my story of how I became a nursing home administrator.

After the war my father returned home, got married and needed a job. His father owned a small shoe store here in Cleveland Ohio and offered him a job. Since there was no great demand for tank drivers at home, he accepted. From what I was told he made enough money to get by and raise a family. It's uncanny how things repeat. A shopping center was built across the street from their store and that proved to be the demise of the Klein's Red Goose shoe store. Dad jumped from job to job. He sold shoes at a few stores and started a business selling novelties. He would canvas restaurants, bars and small offices selling pens, calendars and party hats. Fate called upon my father in an article about homes for the aged. That started the "ball rolling"! My father chose a partner and together over the years they bought and built facilities.

Fast forward to my graduation. I was engaged to be married in a few months and had no job or a place to live. History repeats itself. My father offered me a job earning $4.00 an hour. My position was general maintenance (taking out the garbage and painting radiators) and payroll. I soon advanced to writing policies and procedures for state inspections. Dad was confident enough in my abilities to begin taking longer vacations leaving me in charge. However that would require me to become a licensed administrator. My 40 year career was launched. I would go on to also build and purchase facilities and have the opportunity to work with my mentor and role model, my dad.

This brings us to my experiences and intimate knowledge of nursing homes.

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